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Once upon a time, there was a magical orchard in a quiet little mountain town in North Georgia. Only the most wonderful things grew there — apples and strawberries, peaches and blueberries, all kinds of things. You could even pick your own apples! People came to the little town from all over because it was so much fun to visit. That magical orchard is still here: It’s called Mercier Orchards. And it’s located in the mountain town of Blue Ridge.

Mercier Orchards is a fourth-generation, family-owned and operated apple orchard. Started back in 1943 by Bill & Adele Mercier, Mercier Orchards is now celebrating 75+ years of fruitful harvests! Of course you’ll want to visit for the U-Pick events, whether it’s apples in the fall, strawberries in the spring or blueberries and blackberries in the summer. But there’s so much more to do and see anytime of the year, including:

  • Tractor rides and farm tours
  • Delicious fried pies, cakes, donuts and more in the bakery
  • Tasty breakfast, lunch and dinner served in the on-site restaurant
  • Huge store featuring jams, jellies, honey, fresh produce and more
  • Made-on-site farm wines, hard ciders and fresh ciders
  • Tasting room with wines from other local growers
  • Facilities for weddings and other special events
  • And much, much more!